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Popular in the Japanese indies scene for their hard rock sound and Maiko's alternating melodic/death-voice vocals, Dazzle Vision was formed in June 2003, and has held their current lineup since May 2008.

Dazzle Vision released their first album "Origin of Dazzle" in November of 2006. Their second album "Camellia Japonica" was released in April 2007, followed by an 11-city tour of Japan. After selling out of the first presses of "Origin of Dazzle" and "Camelia Japonica," their 3rd album "Crystal Children" hit #1 on HMV's pre-sale chart and #2 on Tower Records pre-sale chart prior to its official release in November 2008.

In April 2010, Dazzle Vision performed live for 4,000 American fans at Sakura-Con 2010.


Vocals - Maiko
7-String Guitar - Yu
5-String Bass - Takuro
Drums - Haru


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Chrystal Children

Camellia Japonica

Origin of Dazzle