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Mensaje  Densha Otaku el Lun 15 Oct - 10:57

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If you are reading this, you have power; something we missed for a while on Thursday evening as FanimeCon started with a blast -- literally! A capacitor behind the convention center shattered the evening quiet with a loud bang and a flash, shutting off electricity for the convention center and surrounding areas. One carefully-orchestrated evacuation later, and thanks to the devoted efforts of a Registration team that worked until the wee hours of the morning, FanimeCon started.

Thursday night's excitement was quickly surpassed as FanimeCon 2012 shifted into top gear. Thanks to the addition of ClockWork Alchemy, Fanime has never had so much going on. Taking over nine hotels and multiple venues, downtown San Jose was packed building to building with cosplayers and fans.

Much like the convention center, FanimeCon 2013 is already under construction so please keep checking this space, Twitter, or Facebook for updates, news, and registration details.

We thank you for attending FanimeCon, we thank you for your patience, and most of all, we thank you for your continued support of FanimeCon!

— Wolfgang

Josh and Gary

FanimeCon Chair Team


Fanime Con 2012 Flordm10
Densha Otaku
Densha Otaku


PAÍS : Perú

SEXO : Masculino


KARMA : 790


EMPLEO/OCIO : The Passenger...I am the passenger and I ride and I ride I ride through the city's backsides I see the stars come out of the sky yeah the bright and hollow sky you know it looks so good tonight

HUMOR : Hakuna Matata

COMO TE SIENTES HOY : Movin' on Without You...Everything I Do, I Do is For You

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